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Create a Cinematic Title Reveal in Premiere Pro (Tutorial)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials, Graphics Animations

Cinematic Title, text animation, title animation

Learn how to create a cinematic title animation using easy effects in this Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial video.

Creating and Styling Titles

The first step in creating your cinematic title is creating your text and of course stylizing or designing it. Within the toolbar you will find the text tool. With this tool you can now easily create your title. But how to stylize it? Well in the newer Premiere Pro updates we have a panel called Essential Graphics which provide us with a bunch of settings we can use to adjust our text.

Essential Graphics Panel

Here you can tweak your scale, the spacing between letters, your outlining, the color and so own. Of course the look and feel of your text is something very personal and also very depended of you video. If you are creating a scary video, you are not going to use a happy hand written font. You are probably going for something grungy and dirty. But for our cinematic title we are going to use something minimalistic, giving us that clean look.

Animating the Title

We actually didn’t use many effects for this cinematic Title animation. The main one is the mirror effect and does exact what the name says, it will mirror your text. We then simply animated the effect so that at first our text is gone and over time it reveals itself with a mirrored side.

Cinematic Title Animation
Cinematic Title Animation

Next we used so clever place masks to hide the duplicate mirror text and added some extra horizontal blur to give it something extra. Now once we had that animation, we nested everything together. Then to finish the effect, we added a simple zoom to that nested sequence and make everything more dynamic.

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