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How to Create TEXT ANIMATIONS (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Graphics Animations

animating text in premiere, intro text animation, text animation

Learn how to create your own text intro animations easily using Adobe Premiere Pro in this tutorial video.

Animating text in Premiere Pro

You can achieve some really cool text animations using Premiere and today I’m going to show you how to do that! You easily animate text layers just like you can do with videos, photos or even shapes.

To demonstrate that, we’re going to create a text animation intro together which you can use for your YouTube channel for example!

intro animation premiere basics
Intro animation Premiere Basics created in Premiere Pro.

Rotating letters individually

To animate the letters individually you’re going to use the crop effect. Simply drag your crop over the letter you want to isolate, all the other letters from that word or sentence are then removed. It’s that simple. Next duplicate that clip and move your crop area to the next letter.

Continue doing that until you’re done. There you go! You’ve got yourself a text animation. In our tutorial video we are going to use this technique to create an intro animation for a youtube channel so defenitely check that out by clicking the link above!

Rotating letters animation


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