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Simple DYNAMIC Motion Graphics (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Graphics Animations

Animation, dynamic motion graphics, motion graphics, text animation, transform effect

Learn how to create a simple dynamic motion graphic in this beginner tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro under 5 minutes.

simple dynamic motion graphics

We all love simple motion graphics and they are actually super easy to make. I started with a simple background video because it’s always nice to visually see something in the back.

Then we open up the essential graphics panel and create text layer, customize it to your likings of course. Once that’s done you can use the essential graphics panel again to create a rectangle, make it quite wide and make the height the same as the text. Then use the mask with shape checkbox. This will create a mask. So basically everything inside this rectangle will be visible, all the rest will be invisible.

Animating the motion graphic

Now you can start animating the motion graphic with the transform effect. Make sure to group this effect with your text layer so it doesn’t affect anything else. Then simply copy and paste that group, change the text and play around with the keyframes to get your desired result.

Animating keyframes

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