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Creepy Title Reveal like Halloween Kills (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Graphics Animations

creepy, Essential Graphics, Halloween, horror, title animation

Learn how to create the creepy title animation from the horror movie Halloween Kills in this beginner tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro.

halloween Kills title animation in adobe premiere pro

It’s that time of the year again, Halloween! That means, lots of candy, spooky clothes and brand new horror movies, like Halloween Kills. Which is actually an American slasher film about the masked killer, Michael Myers.

We’ve recently seen the title animation of this film in one of it’s trailers and thought “hey, let’s recreate that in Premiere Pro!”

Textured look with track matte key

So first up, you need your text. Then you need to give it a gradient color, which you can do with the fill property in the essential graphics panel. However, we want to animate the gradient, so the easier way is to use the ramp effect on it. Once you’ve chosen a color and animated it overtime you will need a texture layer to get that grungy look. We’ve downloaded a textured video from Storyblocks, which is an online library full of high quality (even 4K) stock clips, animated backgrounds, Premiere Pro and After Effects templates and so much more.

With the use of the track matte effect you can get that texture inside your graphics layer, which gives a cool look. After nesting you can use a fractal noise layer to create a nice reveal animation which you can enhance with an easy mask animation. And after all of these easy steps you get to create a cool and creepy title reveal animation like the one from Halloween Kills.

Final look

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