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How to Create the LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS Intro Animation (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Graphics Animations, Video Effects

Animation, dynamic motion graphics, intro animation, love death robots, motion graphics, Netflix

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Learn how to create the intro animation from Netflix’ LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS with motion graphics in this tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Creating the intro animation from LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS in Adobe Premiere Pro

A lot of people are hyped about the new season of the Netflix animated series LOVE, DEATH + ROBOTS. I personally haven’t seen it yet but I’m a really big fan of the first season and the intro animation. So I’ve decided to recreate the intro animation inside Adobe Premiere Pro.

The first step is getting some icons, you can make these yourself in Adobe Illustrator or even in Adobe Premiere Pro. Or you can be lazy and download them from online stock sites like Flaticon for example. Once you’ve downloaded these you can tweak them in Illustrator. After that, import the icons in Premiere Pro.

Make two sequences: one main sequence that is your regular 4K or HD size and a second sequence that is vertical. So 1080 by 1920 pixels.

Position animation

Creating the animation

Start off with placing all the icons above each other in the vertical sequence. Make sure that the top and bottom icon are the same ones. Then drag the vertical sequence into the main sequence. Then place a white color matte above it and use the track matte key effect on the vertical sequence. Then crop the color matte so it is only visible above and below the icon.

Do the same for the second animation and place a shape of a heart on the left side of your first animation. The effect is basically done.

However you can always tweak everything with some invert effects, glitches and text or shape animations. You can create these using the essential graphics panel in Premiere Pro. If you want some amazing glitches or glitch transitions then have a look at our videopacks.

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