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Animate a NEON TITLE in Premiere Pro (Last Night in Soho)

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Graphics Animations

motion graphics, title animation, track matte

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Learn how to create a Neon Title Animation as seen in Last Night in Soho using Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 in this tutorial video.

Title Animations

All movies or videos need a title screen, so we can say that title animations are one of the most common practices in video editing. And the possibilities for a title animation are really endless, from over the top special effects to a super simple stylised title.

Title Animation - The Mist
Title Animation – The Mist

But the style of the title is of course something subjective and will be determined by the content of your story. Creating a super happy title for a horror movie, wouldn’t really work. So you can see that thinking about your title is also an important aspect of storytelling.

Track Matte Effect

Now for our Neon Title animation, we need to create this flickering effect for every letter separately. But the downside of Premiere Pro is the lack of controls for your text. We have the basics and we can do a lot with it. But personally I find it’s lacking a few essentials effect for title animations.

But now worries, with some editing magic and work arounds. We can create everything that we want. To create the flickering we actually used a white square with an animated opacity property.

Flickering White Square Inside Premiere Pro
Flickering White Square Inside Premiere Pro

This square we can then use to cover a certain letter and with the track matte effect we can make the letters flicker. So like you can see, it’s actually quite easy. Like most effects in Premiere Pro we need to take a small detour, but eventually it works.

Track Matte Animation Inside Premiere Pro
Track Matte Animation Inside Premiere Pro


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