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How to Create a Simple Title Animation in Premiere Pro

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Graphics Animations

Animation, Essential Graphics, modern animation, text animation, title animation

Learn how to create a simple yet modern title animation in this beginner tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Title animations in Premiere Pro

In a previous video we already covered how to add text in Premiere Pro and we’ve also learned how to make animations with the transform effect or the masking tool. But now we’re having a look at how to create simple title animations with the Essential Graphics panel within Adobe Premiere Pro.

It’s actually super simple, first you need a text of course. You can make this with the text tool in the toolbar, the shortkey on your keyboard (CTRL + T) or with the new item icon within your Essential Graphics panel. Just customize the text to your liking and then we’re going to create a new item which is going to be a shape, in this case a rectangle. Then we select the mask with shape checkbox, this will make the rectangle a mask. If we now move the text around you will notice that it can disappear behind the mask.

So if we now animate the text using the position property we can let it appear on screen thanks to that mask. And that’s actually all there is about this super simple animation!

Text animation controls
Text Animation Controls


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