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Editing Magic: Playing With Slow-motion (Premiere Pro tutorial)

Published on

Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Editing Magic, Macro Room, Slow Motion, Time Remapping

Learn editing magic like the Water Balloon punch by Macro Room. How to edit slow-motion & real time video in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial.

After the success of our previous editing magic tutorial about Macro Room’s coffee cookie effect, we decided to do another Copy Cat dedicated to one of his other awesome effects. Of course he has many to choose from, but this time we went for the water balloon punch effect.

Macro Room – Water Balloon Editing Magic

Here you can again see a cool combination of real time footage and slow motion footage. And seeing all his other videos you can start to say that he is a true master of slow motion effects.

Slow Motion

In current cinematography is impossible to imagine a world without the effect of slowing time. From the simplest B-roll montages to super intricate visual effect shot. Everywhere they nowadays use slow motion. Some overuse it and completely remove the purpose from the effect (looking at you Spartacus), but others take the slow motion aspect to a whole other level.

And yes I’m talking about Macro Room. In his latest video he shoots hypnotizing slow motion footage of colourful powder and liquids exploding. The concept is so simple, but the results are so stunning.

Editing magic

Now what really separates Macro Room from the rest is the fact that he combines editing magic with slow motion. We all know that editing magic is super popular and we all look up to Zach King and Kevin Parry.

Kevin Parry – Editing Magic

But why is editing magic so popular. Well since the beginning of time, we are all fascinated by the imaginable. You can call it magic or illusions if you want. On in the old days you would have real life magicians performing those tricks.

However in our current days and with all the media at our disposal, we all can be magicians with some simple editing tricks. Everybody can tickle the imaginable and defy the laws of the reality. And that’s what so intriguing about it.


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