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Easiest Way To Make SAVAGE Transitions (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials, Tips and Tricks, Video Effects

premiere pro, transitions

Learn how to edit your videos to keep the viewer interested by using these transitions in this Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial video.

Secret to PERFECTING transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro

You’re tired of paying over and over again for transition packs, just to let them sit between all the other unused transitions. Well, after watching this tutorial, you will be able to create ANY transition from scratch, and save them as a preset. All you need to do is practice the exercises in this tutorial and once you’re done, you will be unstoppable! Let’s start with Level 1!

Level 1: Logo transitions

You don’d necessarily need to use drag and drop transitions every time. You can start by using simple logo or object transitions. In the example below, I used the Adobe Premiere Pro logo. All you need to do is drag the logo on top of both your videos and use the transform effect to create an animation. To turn this into a transition, make sure that in one point in your animation, the logo is scaled up so that it covers the entire frame. That frame should be where the cut between the to clips is!

Logo transition

Level 2: Advanced pan transition

Once you know how to master this transition, you’re almost unstoppable. (Because the last one is insane!) Anyway, this is called an extended pan transition. We’re basically making the video bigger on the sides so that we have more space to animate the position. To do that, use the replicate effect and set it to three. Now you can see your video nine times in the timeline. With the mirror effect, we’re gonna make the edges in between soft. Do this for both your clips and drag an adjustment layer on top. Then with the transform effect, we can scale the image up so that the video has its orginal size. All that’s left to do now is animating the position property. And now you posses the skills to create sick transitions in any direction!

Advanced Pan Transition

Level 3: Through-a-door transition

This one is next level. The first step is creating a frame hold on the spot where you want the animation to start. Then duplicate that frame hold on top. To open the door, make sure the joint of the door is centered in the middle. You can use the crop effect on the top layer to select the door only. Then by using the basics 3D effect, we can open the door by animating the swivel property . Now to remove the door from the other clip, simply draw a mask around it and make sure it’s inverted. Select all the clips and nest them. Now you can put any video underneath it and it will be visible through the door.

Now all you need to do is animate the scale, position and rotation property on the nested sequence to travel through the door. It’s that simple! For a detailed tutorial on all of these transitions, make sure to check the video on top! 🙂

Door transition

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