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How to use Adjustment Layers in Premiere Pro

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adjustment layers, black bars, cinemascopes, Colorgrading, sequence

Learn how to add adjustment layers and easily apply effect to your videos in this Premiere Pro tutorial for beginners

How to create an adjustment layer

It’s super easy to add an adjustment layer to your sequence. With the project panel selected, you can either head over to the file menu and create a new one or in the project panel itself you can click on the new icon button. A window will open where you can choose the desired size. If you already have a sequence this will be the same size as your sequence by default.

But what is an adjustment layer?

Adjustment layers are transparent non-destructive layers that can be edited. This means that the layer itself has no purpose of itself. But once you place it on top of other layers you can apply effects to it, now these effects will be visible on all the layers beneath the adjustment layers but they will not apply to that video layer itself. It’s a super useful tool for colorgrading your videos because your not destroying your video itself. So you can apply a master colorgrade or color correction on the adjustment layer and tweak the underlaying videoclips seperately if needed.

You can also create cinemascopes (or black bars) by using the crop effect on your adjustment layer. This is super easy! Other stylistic effects can also be applied on this layer so I highly recommend working with these to keep your edit and the effects organized.

Adjustment Layer in timeline
Adjustment layer on top of video clips


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