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Shrinking Effect from Ant-Man (Adobe Premiere Pro)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials

Adobe Premiere Pro, Ant man, Marvel, Shrinking Effect, Super Hero

How to shrink yourself like Marvel’s Ant-Man in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial. Create an easy shrink effect using green keying and simple effects.

We’re back with another superhero effect! This week we’ll recreate the shrinking effect from Marvel’s Ant-Man.

As a huge Marvel fan, I know a lot of facts about Ant-Man. Like, did you know that there were multiple Ant-Mans and that Ant-Man also had alter ego’s, like Giant-man, Goliath and even Yellow-Jacket. He’s a bit schizophrenic, but besides that, he’s also a part of the Avengers, which definitely makes him a superhero.

While doing some research about the shrinking of Ant-Man we came across a big question. Does he get weaker when he is little or does his strength remains the same? It turns out that his strength remains the same and that’s a bit weird. But the Marvel comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe explain that the atoms in his body get closer together, so his mass gets denser. Which is why his strength remains the same even though his size is reduced. When he punches someone while being tiny, the impact is comparable with the impact of a bullet. A big impact on a small surface.

It all sounds a bit difficult and it isn’t realistic, but with some imagination, it all makes sense in a way. But when he enlarges himself (becoming Giant-Man), his strength increases. So that doesn’t make sense at all. But let’s not overthink all that and just enjoy the epicness of superheroes as they are!


Are you a fan of superhero effects just like us? Are there any hero effects that you want us to recreate? Let us know!

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