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How To Make STUNNING Logo Animations (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Graphics Animations, Tips and Tricks, Video Effects

Adobe Premiere Pro, Animations, Tips and Tricks

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Learn how to make stunning logo animations, text animations and lower thirds in this Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial video.

Keep it simple!

The first animation in this tutorial is quite simple. It’s a social media icon popup animation. These are really effective in causing traffic to your social media platforms. It reminds the viewer that you’re also present on other places, which is great to grow a following not just on Youtube!

To create this animation, all you need is the transform effect. Make sure the logo’s are the same size and centered in the middle of your frame. Next you need to animate the scale property from zero to a little over hundred. We’re doing this to make it look bouncy. Then move a little further and set the scale to a hundred. Easing keyframes correctly will make this animation even smoother! Now move further in time and recreate the same animation so that the logo pops back into nothingness! Copy this animation to all your other logos and drag them next to each other. That looks amazing!

Logo popup animation.
Logo popup animation.

Advanced Timer animation

You think in order to make a real countdown timer, you need to do a lot of work. That is not true! You can create a super advanced timer animation in just a few minutes. The best thing is, you only need to make this once and then you can use it in all your projects.

To start making this animation, you need to apply the timecode effect to a transparant layer. Then with the crop effect you can remove everything except for the seconds of the timer. Then put it in the middle of your screen and nest it, that way we can reverse the effect so that we have a countdown timer. If you want, you can change the color using the tint effect.

In order to create the animated circle, all you need to do is add a circle underneat, then duplicate it and delete the fill color. Now enable the stroke and set the thickness to your liking. Then all that’s left to do is using the radial wipe effect to animate the circle!

Advanced Timer Premiere Pro
Advanced Timer Premiere Pro


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