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10 Tricks To Edit 10x FASTER

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Tips and Tricks

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Learn 10 tricks to help you improve as a video editor and edit videos ten times faster in this Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial video.

Un-nesting is actually possible?

We all miss the option to un-nest a nested sequence in Premiere Pro. But can’t you just use control + z? You can, but if you nested something in the beginning of your edit, you need to undo all the actions done after making the nested sequence.

That would be a little stupid, wouldn’t it? You don’t want to go inside the nest and copy everything over to the timeline, that would also take to much time.

Instead, disable the insert and overwrite toggle and go to the project window. If you drag the nested sequence in the timeline, Premiere will know only place the files from inside the nest. Awesome right?

Un-nesting in Adobe Premiere Pro.
Un-nesting in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Oh no, media offline!

You’re working on a project, and you downloaded some assets online. You dragged them in the timeline. Next day you open up the project and get the media offline error. That’s because you didn’t move the assets from the download folder to the project folder.

Always create a folder in the same location as your project, put all the assets in that folder and then it doesn’t matter where the project file goes, you can always open it up again.


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