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10 Tricks To Edit BLAZING FAST (Premiere Pro)

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Tips and Tricks

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Learn 10 amazing tricks to edit much faster and create a fast workflow in this Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial video.

Editing faster is easy!

You heard that right! Editing faster is super easy, all you need to do is develop a fast workflow in Premiere. Today I’m going to help you with that! First of all it’s important to know the most essential shortcuts. Knowing the toolbar like you know your own pocket is also a must to start editing fast!

Once you know that, you’re ready to learn the more advanced tricks. Let’s talk about the dynamic link in premiere. As you might know, the connection between Premiere and After Affects isn’t the best. This means terrible playback in Premiere.

Good thing I found a little workaround! Duplicate the Linked composition and right click the duplicate. Now select render and replace. Premiere will now turn the linked comp in a normal video inside your timeline, which means buttersmooth playback! Awesome right?

Render and Replace Premiere.
Render and Replace Premiere.

Audio Pops in Premiere

You’re editing your video and hear a lot of pops in between the cuts of your audio. Well you can simply fix that by selecting the cut and hitting control + shift + D on your keyboard. Now premiere will add a crossfade transition in between the cuts.

Usually these cuts are way to long and they don’t sound really good, and you also don’t want trim every transition in your entire timeline. If you go to the effects window and open up the menu, you can choose ‘set default transition duration’. Then a window will open up where you can set the time of the transition. Easy!

Audio Transition Duration.
Audio Transition Duration.


If you want to sharpen your skills and learn more about Adobe Premiere Pro, definitely check out our advanced editing class!

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