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Should I QUIT Premiere?

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Tips and Tricks

2022 bug fixes in premiere pro, bug fixes for premiere, should I quit premiere

Learn how to use these five fixes for annoying bugs and glitches in this Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial video.

Zooming in on keyframes.

Of course we won’t quit Premiere. That’s because we found a solution to some of the common issues. For example, Do you ever find yourself trying to zoom in on your keyframes when suddently premiere decides that you can’t? Well yeah I’ve been there.

The easiest way of fixing this is going to the effect controls options and disabling the ‘Pin to clip’ feature. This will allow you to zoom in as much as you want which will make it easier to adjust your keyframes.

Keyframes in Premiere
Keyframes in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Nesting Audio clips in premiere

As we all know, Premiere doesn’t allow us to nest our audio clips. Good thing we found a way to nest the clips anyway.

All you need is an adjustment layer. Drag it above your audio clips and nest it all together. Then simply remove everything and drag the nested sequence back into your timeline. And there you go!

Nesting Audio Clips in Premiere.
Nesting Audio Clips in Premiere.

Learn Adobe premiere pro

If you want to learn more about Adobe Premiere Pro, defenitely check out our advanced class! Click here to check it out!

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