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10 Features Only PRO Editors Know About! (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Tips and Tricks

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Learn 10 Adobe Premiere Pro features that will help you become a better editor in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video.

Export Super Fast!

Premiere Pro wants your video to be export at the highest quality possible but sometimes, these settings are a little TOO high. We’re talking about the bitrate here. Premiere wants to export your video at a higher bitrate which means the export time will be much longer.

What can we do about it? Lower the bitrate! Once you hit a certain bitrate, it doesn’t matter if you go higher because you won’t be able to see it on youtube. Here’s a chart with the best bitrate settings provided by youtube.

Bitrate settings
Bitrate settings

Synchronize audio

Lets say you recorded a video with your camera, but you used an external microphone. Now you have two different files. A video file and an audio file. You want them to be in sync of course. In Adobe Premiere Pro there’s a super easy trick to sync your audio and video extremely fast!

Select both clips and right click them. Then click synchronize! That’s it!

Synchronize audio
Synchronize audio


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