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5 Awesome Free Plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro

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Learn where to download and how to use 5 completely FREE plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro in this beginner tutorial.

5 Free plugins For Adobe Premiere Pro

Plugins and presets are NOT the same thing, let’s make that clear first. A plugin is an extension that you can download to get extra possibilities in Adobe Premiere Pro. A preset is an add-on or download that uses default effects from Premiere to create a specific effect or transition. So I’ve searched the internet for 5 FREE plugins that you can download to optimize your work in Premiere Pro.

Post Haste

Post Haste

Post Haste is a plugin created by Digital Rebellion. It’s a pre production plugin that is not necessarily used for Premiere itself but it can optimize your workflow a lot. With this plugin you can organize your assets and folder structures way faster and better.

How does it work? Once downloaded you can create a new template. From here you can include different folders within that template folder. And you can even include Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator files. These will be empty template files.

It’s honestly a great plugin to create project templates and keep everything organized and neat.

FX Factory – Saber Blade

If you are a Star Wars fan you should havea a look at many of the effects that FX factory has to offer. Unfortunately they are currently only available for Mac users. But with the saber blade plugin you can easily create your own lightsabers. There is a free and a paid version but the free version is actually really good. It has the ability to change the color of your saber in either green, blue or red. You can animate it by changing the beginning and ending and you can also change the thickness and glow radius.

Saber blade (fx factory)

Creative Impatience – Power Window

Creative Impatience has a lot of effect plugins that you can download for older versions of Premiere where lots of effects weren’t available yet. But the plugin that I really like is Power Window. This is basically a nice and easy tool to create a customizable vignette. It has a lot of parameters that you can alter and adjust. It’s bit of a heavy effect but definitely worth it, since it’s also completely free.


Autocut can be download from Adobe Exchange, it’s completely free. After downloading you can find it in the extensions menu in Adobe Premiere Pro. It basically cuts away all the silences in your audio. And that’s a great tool for when you’re editing interviews or tutorials.


Last but not least there is Beatmarker, a plugin by Accusonus which is also available for download on Adobe Exchange. You can import your audio or use audio that is already imported into the project. Then select the amount of beats you want to mark. This results in either a slow or fast paced edit. Once done you’ve got a whole bunch of markers in your timeline which make it so much easier to cut to the beat. And there’s actually a super fast and easy way to do this almost automatically, which we’ve already covered in a previous tutorial.

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