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Edit FASTER in Premiere Pro with the Tourbox Elite

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Color Grading, controller, kickstarter, product review

Complete Cinecom Bundle - Now 94% OFF!

Learn more about the Tourbox Elite and how it helps speed up your editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, but also make your workflow more efficient.

The Tourbox Elite

Tourbox has been selling control panels for many years, yet they decided to start a Kickstarter for their new Tourbox Elite. And the crowd goes wild! It has already been backed over 10 times more than their goal.

We got our hands on an early prototype and my first experience has been overwhelming. When picking it out of the box, you’ll immediately feel the premium design and quality buttons.

Tourbox Elite Editing Premiere Pro
Editing in Premiere Pro with the Tourbox Elite

Tourbox Console 4

In the video at the top of the page, you’ll see what the Tourbox Elite can do. Of course, all of it’s functionality is possible with the application Tourbox Console 4. This is their newest and updated software to work with the Bluetooth of the controller.

Tourbox Console 4 is currently in closed beta, so you cannot download it yet. However, I didn’t experienced any problems with it. So I’m confident it’ll be ready when the product will start to ship out.

Tourbox Console 4
Changing the Dial options in Tourbox Console 4

From without Tourbox Colsole 4 we can assign shortkeys to each button or dial, but also specific actions from within Adobe Premiere Pro. These could be tool actions like the slip tool, or controlling the color wheels from within Lumetri.

We can also create macros, allowing us to perform multiple actions with one button press. These could even be mouse pointer actions, which opens up so many possibilities.

Controllers for Adobe Premiere Pro

The Tourbox Elite is not something new. We’ve seen controllers for Adobe Premiere Pro before. Mostly dedicated color grading tools like the Tangent Wave or the super advanced Loupedeck CT.

But one thing almost every controller misses, is ergonomics and placement of buttons. The Tourbox Elite is designed in such a way that you don’t need to look at it while working. The buttons are at the right spot and have a different shape or feeling to them, allowing you to quickly find the right button without having to peek at it.

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