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4 EDITING TRICKS Every Video Editor Should Know About

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials, Tools

editing tricks, match cut, transition

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Learn how to edit better videos with these 4 tips and tricks in Adobe Premiere Pro that every video editor should know about.

Being able to make the right cut at the right time and place, is something you definitely need to be good at to become a good video editor. It is important to the audience that the edit looks smooth and enjoyable to watch.

For example, the match cut, one of the most popular cuts in film history. The match cut is a cut from one shot to another where the subject of the two shots is matched by the movement or action performed by the subject. This will make the transition between the scenes feel smooth. Here you can see an example out of a 1968 film called 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Match cut from space odyssey
A popular match cut from the film: 2001: A Space Odyssey

How to create an invisible cut

We filmed a medium and a long shot of Jordy standing up. The trick to make this cut invisible is to cut in that action to the long shot, right when Jordy is standing up.

The movement of the subject in the last frame of the medium shot must match the movement in the first frame of the long shot, this will make it look like a one-shot.

We’ll go into more depth in our tutorial, so don’t hesitate to click on our video above!

Example Match Cut Jordy
A clip of Jordy standing up (Match cut example)

Do you want to know more creative ways to cut your clips? Make sure to watch our full video where we go in depth about the J-cut, the L-cut, the Kuleshov effect, tight cuts and of course the invisible cut.


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