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Efficient select tools in Premiere Pro

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Track Select tools

When editing in Adobe Premiere Pro you want to be fast and efficient, especially when you’re working on a big project. We’ve already made some tutorials about organizing the timeline, keeping your edit clean and some of the handy tools while editing.

Here are two more tools that will help you with selections in Premiere Pro. The Track Select Forward & Track Select Backward tool. When you’re editing and you want to select everything in front of a specific clip in your timeline you can use the track select backward tool (or SHIFT + A on your keyboard) to select all those clips, both on the audio and video tracks. To select everything behind your playhead or a specific clip you can use the track select backward tool.

Track Select Tools in toolbar
Track select tools in the toolbar

Now at first this may look a bit useless but this will really help your workflow. Now if you use the track select tools this will select all the audio and video tracks that are not locked. If you lock a track (it can be either a video track, audio track or both) this will not be moved when using the track select tools. To select only one track hold shift while selecting, the track that you click on will be selected. If you make an entire selection with the track select tools but don’t want a specific clip to be moved you can use the selection tool (V on your keyboard) to deselect that one clip by shift clicking on it.

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