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They finally fixed the BIGGEST problem (October 2022 Update)

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october 2022 update premiere pro, Premiere pro bug fixes, premiere pro october update

Learn more about the new GPU accelerated effects, audio editing improvement and minor adjustments in Adobe Premiere Pro.

GPU acceleration in Premiere

With every update Adobe releases, they are adding more GPU accelerated effects which will make Premiere run much better on your computer. Old versions of premiere they used the CPU for certain effects and that would slow your computer down tremendously!

Burning Computer.
Burning Computer.

Posterize Time is now usable!

For example the posterize time effect was basically unusable before. Now with the latest update of Adobe Premiere Pro you can use this effect without any issues, awesome! The unsharp mask effect is also an effect we should have been using a long time ago. This effect is finally GPU accelerated which mean you can now use it with ease!

GPU accelerated effect.
GPU accelerated effect.

Learn Adobe Premiere Pro

Thanks for reading! If you want to step up your game as a video-editor you should really check out our Adobe Premiere Pro Advanced Editing Course on Skillshare!

1 thought on “They finally fixed the BIGGEST problem (October 2022 Update)”

  1. The Posterize Time effect which became gpu accelerated in the 22.6 update, for an unknown reason stopped being an accelerated effect since the last v.23 update. I thought it was a bug but the problem remains in the newer 23.1 update too.


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