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3 Fast & Easy Effects in Premiere Pro!

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Video Effects

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Learn 3 fast and easy effects that every video editor needs to know in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video.

Masking in Premiere Pro

Without masks, you wouldn’t be able to create most effects in Adobe Premiere Pro. The effect I’m about to show you is super easy to create. All you need is a towel.

Throw the towel straight up in the air and make sure it doesn’t land on your feet. That would be difficult to mask out. When the towel isn’t moving anymore, walk out of the frame. Let the camera run for a couple of seconds to create an empty shot.

Now drag both clips in the timeline and mask out the towel. Animate the mask to fit around the talent and that’s it!

Jordy Blanket
Jordy Blanket

Magic Effects in Premiere Pro

Recreating the Harry Potter effect is a little more advanced in Premiere. We’re using the fractal noise effect for that. Create a mask and move it to the top of the wand. Then animate the mask path so it looks like there’s magic moving around. With the mask expansion we’re gonna make it look like the noise is expanding.

With the tint effect we’re gonna give it the color you want. For the more detailed version of this tutorial, definitely check out the video on top of the article!

Jordy Magic Wand
Jordy Magic Wand


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