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3 Super Easy Track Matte Transitions (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Learn how to create 3 simple yet awesome track matte transitions in this beginner tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Track Matte Transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro

What is a track matte anyway you might ask? Well it’s basically a black&white layer than can be used to make a transition between two clips. With the track matte key effect you can use the black parts (alpha) or white parts (luma) from that clip to transition. The track matte key effect will either make the alpha or luma parts transparent.

Custom shaped track mattes

You can create your own track mattes super easily by first placing your two shots in the timeline and then placing a color matte above it. Make the color matte completely black. Use the crop effect to create a shape or animate the color matte. You can even use the echo effect to create echoes of the animation. Then simply place the track matte key effect on the video on track number 2 . Set the track matte to video 3 and the matte type to alpha. The crop animation will now reveal shot number 2.

Easy track mattes with video files

When you’re too lazy to create your own shapes or animated mattes you can always download them from the internet. Storyblocks for example has a huge library of transitions that are black and white motion graphics animation. Simply threat them the same as your color matte and they can easily be used as a transition.

Dreamy transition

Instead of using a color matte, place an adjustment layer and use the VR Fractal Noise effect on it, customize it a bit like we did in our tutorial. And simply use that as a track matte, since you can easily animate it and make it very soft it can be ideal for a dreamy or wavy transition look.

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