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5 MUST KNOW Premiere Pro TRICKS (Tutorial)

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Video Effects

Adjustment layer effects, Adjustment layer tricks, premiere adjustment layer

Learn 5 creative adjustment layer tricks you can apply to your videos with this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video.

Adjustment what?!

Adjustment layers are literally empty clips in Premiere Pro that you can add to your timeline. They don’t really mean anything by themselfs but with the right tips and tricks, you can put them to good use!

We already know that we can use an adjustment layer to mass color grade your video but besides that we found 5 other tricks you can do with an adjustment layer. For example, you can make a custom transition by applying and animating some effects on your layer.

The best thing about this is that you can simply drag it above every clip you want and that will save you a lot of time!

Custom transition in Premiere
Custom transition using an adjustment layer in Premiere Pro.

Cinematic Black Bars in Premiere Pro

With an adjustment layer in Premiere Pro you can also make cinematic black bars to your video. Simply use the crop effect and, that’s it! The reason we are using an adjustment layer is because now you can edit the position of you video without interfering with the black bars. Awesome isn’t it?

Cinematic black bars
Cinematic black bars with an adjustment layer in Premiere Pro

Learn Adobe Premiere Pro

If you want to learn the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro, you should defenitely check out our beginner course on skillshare. Click here to check it out!

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