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This Update Makes NO SENSE (Premiere Pro)

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Video Effects

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Learn everything about the new features coming to premiere in the April update in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video.

GPU accelerating old transitions?

People who still use the non-additive dissolve transition, the split transition and the center split transition are in luck! Adobe finally gpu accelerated these transitions. This means that Premiere is going to use your GPU to power these transitions. The transitions are not laggy anymore and they will work super smooth.

There is one downside tho, who on earth still uses these prehistoric transitions?

Old Transitions Premiere Pro.
Old Transitions Premiere Pro.

Text-based editing is awesome!

We already love Premiere’s transcription feature. It works so well and subtitles are made in no time. Even for longer productions. Here comes the good news, they are going to make this feature even better!

In the beta version, you can now edit your videos without playing back the footage. But how? By simply removing text from the text panel. Premiere will then cut away parts of your clip and it also closes the gap. Awesome, right?

Text-Based editing.
Text-Based editing.


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