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This A.I. Takes Every Transition To The Next Level

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Video Effects

A.I. tools for premiere pro, a.I. transitions premiere, a.i. video editing tools

Learn how to use Adobe Firefly to create 5 unique and smooth transitions in this Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop Tutorial video.

Photoshop A.I. (Generative Fill)

Transitions are not always fancy swipes and pushes. They can mean so much more than just that. You can use transitions to tell a story, like in this example.

Let’s say you’re making a travel video and you want to transitions from a walk in the woods, to a walk in the town. With the transition below, you can tell that the shots are going to transition from a nature environment to a city.

This is done by using the generative fill of photoshop. All you need to do is select the buildings in your image and click generate. Photoshop will then replace it with trees. Then simply duplicate the pitcture and create a mask around a part of the buildings. Duplicate it again and reveal another part, keep doing that until everything is visible. Then throw all the images in Premiere and add a cross dissolve in between them. There you go!

Generating town
Appearing Town Transition

Turning camera transition

This is done by create a freeze frame at the moment you want the transition to start. Then import the frame in Photoshop and scale it down. Use the generative fill to fill up the empty space and then put the frame back in Premiere. Now you can use all the space we created to make the animation longer.

Photoshop Fill
Photoshop Fill
180 Degrees push transition
180 Degrees push transition


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