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Create Camera Movement with this STABILIZATION HACK (Premiere Pro)

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Learn how to add natural camera motion to your static shots with this warp stabilization hack in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Warp Stabilizer Effect

Inside Adobe Premiere Pro we can find back the Warp Stabilizer effect. It’s meant to stabilize shaky footage (as the name suggests). But with a cleaver trick we can reverse that technique and actually bring camera movement into a static shot.

Creative Camera Effects

Bringing handheld motion into a static shot is the first thing we think about with this stabilization hack. But there’re many other creative effects we could create.

For instance, when you film from a tripod you tighten the locks. Now kick your tripod, adding a bump to your shot.

When using the stabilization hack on this clip, we can use the camera bump on actions like gun shots. A clever way to add natural motion.

For music videos there’s also a lot that we can do. I was experimenting with zooming in and out. Also that works really well with the stabilization hack in Premiere Pro.


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