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How to color grade in Premiere Pro?

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Learn how to color grade your footage with the lumetri color panel in this beginner tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro.

How to color grade in Premiere?

Color grading in Premiere Pro is possible and you can actually do a lot with it. To start color grading you should open up the lumetri color panel. This can be found in the window menu. At first this may look like difficult thing but once you get the hang of it it’s actually not that hard.

Lumetri Color Panel

Inside the lumetri color panel we see different tabs, each one has a different function. The first one is the basic correction. Here you can alter the temperature of your shot, the contrast and the exposure. So already with this first tab you can do a lot!

Next up is the creative tab, here you can sharpen your footage, give it more vibrance and saturation and you can add a LUT. Now what is a LUT? A LUT or Look-Up-Table is a file which contains a specific look which will then be applied to your footage. You can actually find a lot of LUTs online from your favorite creators. We even have some on our website!

The next tab is the curves tab. Here you can use the curves to adjust the exposure of your shot or use the color curves to get creative with the colors.

Color wheels and match let’s you color the shadows, midtones and highlights individually which is super handy. For instance when you try to create a teal and orange look.

Before and after color grading
Before and after color grading

HSL Secondary is a bit more difficult to explain, basically it lets you make selective color selections which is nice for when you want to adjust a specific color in your scene. Lastly is the vignette tab, with this you can create a dark or light vignette. Giving your scene either a dark or a dreamy look.

Now color grading isn’t as simple as you may think. There’s a whole psychology behind the use of colors so you do have to put some thought in it when you’re color grading.

Full in depth lumetri class

If you want to learn everything in depth about color grading I highly recommend watching our Lumetri class on Skillshare. The first two months are completely for free so it’s definitely worth checking it out.

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