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VFX in Premiere Pro? Try THIS Effect! (How to shoot lightning)

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Video Effects

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Learn how to create VFX lightning shooting out of your fingertips in this Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial video.

VFX in Premiere Pro?

Yes, you heard it right! In this tutorial you will learn how to shoot awesome lightning out of your fingertips! And all of this inside Adobe Premiere Pro. But why not use Adobe After Effects?

For most visual effects that would be much easier indeed but if you don’t have access to Adobe After Effects, you can still achieve some stunning effects in Adobe Premiere Pro! Just follow along with the tutorial !

Jordy shooting lightning bolds in Adobe Premiere Pro.
Jordy shooting lightning bolds in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Heat waves!

With lightning comes heat. We all know that. When air gets to a certain degree, the heat becomes visible. This is really easy to recreate in Premiere. All you need is the turbulent displace effect.

Heat waves example.
Heat waves example.

Make the ground shake!

After everything is done, we need to create some camera shake on the video. We’re doing this to make it look way more realistic. All you need to do is nest everything together and throw the transform effect on that nested sequence.

Then scale it up by 10 percent to give yourself room to use the position property. We’re using the position property to animate the position frame by frame to give it a stutter effect.

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