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This Makes Your Edits 90% Better

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Video Effects

5 awesome transitions, create transitions from scratch in premiere, this will make your edits better

Learn how to make these 5 super easy mind blowing transitions from scratch in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video.

Transitions Are super easy!

Transitions are super easy to create in Adobe Premiere Pro! You’ve just got to know where to start. One of the effects in this tutorials is turning an old school filter effect into a transition. Of course, we will create this effect from scratch!

You can also use the track matte effect in Adobe Premiere Pro to create super original transitions. Templates are cool but if you can create a transition that fits your edit perfectly, why not do it?!

Old School Transition.
Old School Transition.

Audio is super important!

The audio plays a big role in the transition. Without the audio, the transition will be so much less engaging for the viewer. On the other hand, make sure the audio effect isn’t too prominent, otherwhise the viewer will be distracted.

Here’s a quick tip you can use to enhance your sound effects. Simply drag a whoosh sound effect into the timeline and place a cut at the peak of the clip. Then remove everything before that. Duplicate the clip to the right and reverse it. Snap it back to the other clip and now you have this super awesome swell before the actual woosh begins!

Audio Swell.
Audio Swell.


Thank you Storyblocks for the support. If you want to have more than a million stock assets ready to use right inside Premiere, check out Storyblocks!

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