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Use THIS effect to BLOW UP your TIKTOK

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Video Effects

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Learn how to make these 3 awesome trending TikTok effects easily in this Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial video.

The Viral Buttercup effect

This effect went viral so many times for one specific reason; because it’s awesome! If done right, you can create a stunning video to blow away other creators! Using Adobe After Effects for this effect would be a little easier because of the tracking software.

But I have very good news for everyone who doesn’t have access to After Effects! You can make the same effect in Adobe Premiere Pro without any issues! it’s gonna take a little more time but it’s going to be very easy to create. Check the video above where you will learn how to do that!

Man dancing.
Man dancing.

Keeping your face centered

Face Tracking Center.

Every time you see a video on your home feed with this effect, chances are that this video went viral with lots of views! That is because most people don’t know how to create this effect. Good thing I’m here to teach you how to do that in Premiere.

First you wanna enable the guides and the rulers. By dragging the guides out of the rulers you’re going to create a center point. This is where the face, or in our case the nose, will be centered for the entire video.

All you need to do is animate the position property frame by frame. If you’re done keyframing you will see that the effect looks amazing! You can even add some motion blur by increasing the shutter angle of the transform effect.


Thank you Storyblocks for the support. If you want to have more than a million stock assets ready to use right inside Premiere, check out Storyblocks!

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