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How to create a SUN in Premiere Pro (no plugins!)

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Video Effects

Fake 3D, VFX, Visual Effects

Learn how to create a glowing fake 3D sun in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video. Combine effects to create this stunning result without plugins.

How to Make Fake 3D Objects in Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is not a VFX program, so creating 3D objects is not possible. However, there’re various of tricks to make fake 3D. An illusion that something is 3D.

A long time ago, I explained how you can make a 3D text by stacking and animating a drop shadow effects. Fake 3D or not, you couldn’t tell by looking at the final result.

Creating a round planet or a sun is just the same. This time, we’ll work with the Spherize effect and some clever blending of the VR Fractal Noise.

Fake 3D Spherize Effect Premiere Pro
Fake 3D with the Spherize Effect Premiere Pro

VFX in Adobe Premiere Pro?

It’s weird to do VFX in Adobe Premiere Pro. The program is designed for editing and really simple graphics or animations. So then why should we bother making VFX in Premiere Pro?

As a beginner, you are overwhelmed with your new editing program. Learning it is difficult because you have no goals. That’s where tutorial videos come in. They teach you how to create something specific. This gives you a goal.

So when someone (like Premiere Basics 😋) is clever to share a complex tutorial of some VFX, you’re forced to work with various effects and how to change their properties to create something.

In other words, you’re learning more about Premiere Pro and what it’s capable of. At the same time, you’re already getting a glimpse of what VFX is really about. Things like stacking effects, masking, blending and what not are similar techniques in a dedicated VFX program like Adobe After Effects.


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