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How To JUMP OUT of a Computer Monitor (Premiere Pro)

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Video Effects

adobe premiere masking, jump out of a monitor, premiere pro masking

Learn how to make yourself jump out of a monitor using a masking technique in this Premiere Pro tutorial video.

Jumping out of a monitor

Making yourself jump out of a monitor is an excellent masking exercise in Premiere Pro, so don’t hesitate to follow along with the tutorial above! Before we start jumping around, we’re going to shoot a clean plate of a computer monitor. That’s were Tymon, our new guy by the way, is going to jump out from.

Video of an empty monitor
Video of an empty monitor.

Filming the jumps

The most important part of making yourself jump into another location, is to actually make two shots of you jumping in different places. Make sure to make the exact same movement, each in every location. This is important to make the shots match as accurately as possible.

Tymon jumping outside
Tymon jumping outside.
Tymon jumping inside
Tymon jumping inside.

The final result

After doing all the masking magic in Premiere, this is our result. That looks cool, doesn’t it? If you want to try this out for yourself, go follow along with our step by step in depth tutorial. You don’t have to necessarily jump out of a monitor.

There are a lot of awesome ways to apply this effect. You can jump out of a moving car, a window or a phone display. The possibilities are endless.

Tymon jumping out of a monitor
Tymon jumping out of a monitor.


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