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You Probably Didn’t Know This About MASKS (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Video Effects

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Learn how to create five effects using masks going from easy to advanced in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video.

Using Masks in Premiere pro

With masks you can do so many things in Premiere, for example changing the entire environnement in a video. Look at these beautiful cows chilling, what if I want them to be in the desert? In Adobe Premiere Pro you can transform the entire video into a desert.


All you need is a second video of a desert, then change the position of both videos so that the horizon matches. With a simple mask and a little bit of color grading, your video will look like this!


Using masks to hide text

You can also use a mask to hide text behind an object in Adobe Premiere Pro. All you need to do is duplicate the clip and create a mask around the object you want to use. Then put a text layer in between both the clips and that’s all to it!

Now you can also animate the lines you see appear on the text layer. To do that, simply draw a line with the pen tool and create a very small mask in the middle of the line. Then animate the expansion property and ease the keyframes. There you go!



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