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How to Create Matrix Resurrections Title Animation (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Graphics Animations, Video Effects

gaussian blur, glow, matrix, title animation, title effect

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Learn how to create the title animation from the new Matrix Resurrections movie in this beginner tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Matrix Resurrections Title Animation in Premiere Pro

It’s been 18 years since the last Matrix movie (The Matrix Revolutions) was released. And then suddenly, out of nowhere a trailer for the fourth Matrix movie was released. The Matrix Resurrections looks really good and the trailer already has some great effects in it. But most of those aren’t possible to recreate in Adobe Premiere Pro.

However at Cinecom, we already went ahead and recreated the ‘walking through a mirror’ scene from the trailer. I decided to recreate the title animation of the new Matrix movie.

Of course they used 3D for this. But we can make a simplified version of this in Adobe Premiere Pro with basic effects and graphics.

Creating the title

It’s actually not that hard to create. First up you need to create a new text layer for each individual letter of the word you want to animate. In our case it’s the word ‘MATRIX’. So we need 6 separate layers. Stack these above each other in the timeline and position them well. Then give them the right color, font size and of course choose a right font. Adobe Fonts has a downloadable font called Matrix II.

Next you need to play around with some drop shadow effects to make the text look a bit more 3D. Then animate each letter coming from a different position. Then nest them all together and play around with a bit of glow and the wave warp effect to make it more glitchy.

Matrix Resurrections title animation
Matrix Resurrections title animation

Adding extra elements

The last part is up to you but I’ve decided to download some overlay assets from Storyblocks, which is an online stock library. They really spiced up the final result. And that’s how easy it is to create the Matrix Resurrections intro animation.

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