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PAPER RIP Effect From ‘SEVENTEEN’ (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Video Effects

Music Video, Music Video Effects, paper collage, paper look

Learn how to create a paper rip collage effect like SEVENTEEN’s music video ‘Rock With You’ in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial for beginners.

Paper Rip Effect like SEVENTEEN’s music video

K-Pop is becoming a very trendy music genre since the past couple of years. And of course we love it. Because they always have very unique and dynamic music videos with lots of cool effects in it. We’ve recently seen the music video of Rock With You by SEVENTEEN and they had some really cool paper collage effects.

So we decided to recreate this with selfmade paper assets! It’s actually way easier to create then you might think, so how did we do it? First off you need to get a black background, this can be a black piece of paper or a cloth. Then you need some paper, obviously, and a camera. Rip the paper to get some nice tears, then put that on the black surface and take a photo of it. Make sure that your piece of paper is evenly lit.

Creating paper rips from real paper

Once you’ve got your shots, drag them in Premiere Pro. Make sure to use the lumetri panel to add some contrast and play with the exposure. The black parts should be absolute black. Once done you can use the track matte key effect to let your video appear through the paper tear. Place the same paper tear beneath the video and scale it up to get a white border.

Repeat this step and create a cool looking music video. You can also use a white paper and set the blending mode to soft light to create an overall folded paper look. And just like we did before you can also do this with tape to create tape overlays.

The final Paper Rip effect

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