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Get The Perfect Green Key With This One Simple Trick

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Video Effects

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Learn how to pull a perfect green screen even when the screen is wrinkly in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video.

Making the greens flat

When you’ve set up a green screen with a lot of wrinkles, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. There are some tricks you can use to remove the wrinkels and still pull a perfect green key in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Before you even make the color selection, open up Lumetri and in the HSL section, select the green of your video. Decrease the contrast and add more green tint into the video. Decrease the sharpness and now it should be much easier to pull a green key.

Green Screen Flat With Lumetri
Green Screen Flat With Lumetri

Removing the green edge

This is the most annoying part of pulling a green key. Removing it is usually the last step of the green key. Create another Lumetri effect and make sure it’s below the Ultra key effect. Again, go to the HSL tab and select the greens. Now decrease the saturation and maybe push a little magenta into the video. Magenta is the counter color of green by the way.

Reducing greens from the edge.
Reducing greens from the edge.

Extra tips for setting up a green screen

To make it easier for you, always make sure to have a straight green screen setup. Use sandbags, rocks, bricks or whatever you can find to keep it straight. Also, increase the shutter speed on your camera. This reduces motion blur and will result in a better green key.

Also lower the ISO, the higher you put this, the more grain and noise you will see. Of course don’t lower it too much because you still need the green screen and the talent to be visible.


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