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I Was Wrong About A.I. (We Should Be Scared)

Published on

AI Tools, Video Effects

Masking, Photoshop

Learn how to make 3 awesome effects using Adobe Photoshop Generative fill in this Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial video.

Set extension using A.I. in Adobe Photoshop

You made a video and everything looks decent. But you wish it was recording in another location. Before we had A.I. we had to find objects and blend them into the video. We had to use tracking, color matching, blending and so on. Now with the Generative Fill of Adobe Photoshop, we can turn a simple text prompt into a high quality, color matched and blended in object.

Take a still of your footage in Premiere. Then import it in photoshop. Now we’re going to work on this frame but stay away from moving objects. Best is that your video is shot on a tripod. Now with the lasso tool, make a selection and type in whatever you need. Click generate and there you go! Look at the before and after!

Turning You content into short form content

Simply take a still from your video, then import it in Adobe Photoshop to use the Generative Fill tool. Make the selection and invert it. Then all you need to do is click generate. There you go!


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