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Video Effects

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Learn how to make Premiere Pro faster and speed up your workflow by using the tricks in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video.

Automatic proxies?!

You heard that right, you can now let Premiere create proxies automatically everytime you import a video. This way you don’t have to waste time creating proxies for every clip individually. And you don’t have to worry about playback either, because it will be flawless thanks to the proxies!

All you need to do is go to the ingest settings. From there you can select create proxies and you can choose the type of proxy you’d like. Awesome, right?!

Creating Proxies Automatically in Premiere Pro.
Creating Proxies Automatically in Premiere Pro.

The dynamic link between Premiere and After Effects is truly amazing! It gives us the chance to create awesome animations and load them directly into Premiere. This, of course, comes with a downside: Playing back dynamic link clips are a pain in the…..

Even on high end pc’s, you need to render in to out constantly which is so time consuming. Luckily there’s a little workaround. Duplicate the dynamic link clip. Then right click the first one and disable it. Right click the duplicate and choose render and replace. This will create a video clip that you can play back flawlessly, without any quality loss.

Of course, you can go back and edit it in after effects. But that’s why we duplicated it. If you need to edit the animation, simple re-enable the first one and right click it. Then choose edit original. It’s that easy!

Dynamic link playback.
Dynamic link playback.


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