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It’s Time To Leave Premiere For Something Better..

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Video Effects

A.I. editing tools premiere, runway A.I., video to video runway

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Learn how to use A.I to your advantage and become a better video editor in this Runway GEN-1 tutorial video.

Don’t be scared of A.I.! Embrace it!

A.I. is definitely becoming more and more popular at the moment. And it’s definitely here to stay. So instead of being scared, we must use it to our advantage. That way we can increase our editing skills to a level higher than ever before!

Runway is a website with tons of tools that you can use. My favourite one is the Gen-1: Video to video tool. This one is used to turn existing videos into a completely A.I. generated clip. There are a few ways you can do this! For example selecting one of their presets such as the Claymation preset.

Claymation Preset Runway

Picture to video in runway

There are other ways to create A.I. generated videos then using presets. You can also upload a picture as input information. Runway will then use this picture as a reference to create your A.I. generated video.

Skaters in a clayworld

Text to video in runway

If you don’t want to use presets and don’t have an input image, you can also just tell Runway what to do. Type it in the text prompt and there you go:

Cat in space.


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