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5 Easy Scary Eye Effect (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Video Effects

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Learn how to create 5 simple yet scary eye effects for your Halloween videos in this beginner tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Time to scare, it’s Halloween!

It’s Halloween, so that means time for scary stuff. And what’s better than 5 scary yet easy eye effects that we can make in Adobe Premiere Pro?! Without any plugins or super complicated workflows!

We’ll start of with making our shots and take caution when shooting this. When you blink or move your head too much you will get a hard time creating the effects and tracking them to your eye. So make it yourself easy, look straight into the camera and don’t move your head too much.

Change the color of your eye

The first effect is super easy. How to change the color of your eye? Well you can either use the Lumetri Color effect for this or the Color Balance (RGB) effect. Apply this to your shot, use the effects masking property to make a circular mask around the pupil of your eye, track it and then change the values of the effect. Easy as that.

Demon eyes

The same principle can be applied to create demon eyes or eyes that are slowly being possessed. But this time we’re using duplicate layers and on the top one we use two masks. One around the pupil and a second one around the white area of the eye. This second mask will be inverted. This will create a cut-out and that way the first mask will not be masked. On the bottom layer we can play around with the lumetri effect or even the VR Fractal noise effect to get a demonic look.

Red Eye Effect

Lizard Eye

Once again we can mask our eye but this time in a marquise shape, we invert it and we already have a reptilian looking pupil. Then we can change the color of our eye and there we have our lizard eye.

Death / Dull Eye

Once again we mask our eye pupil but this time we use the Lumetri Color effect to make our eye really dull. We desature it, and pump up the exposure, highlights and shadows. You can even add the Invert effect to enhance this.

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