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How to Fake Super Slow Motion (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Video Effects

high speed, Slow Motion, speed ramping, Super Slow Motion, Time Remapping

Learn how to fake a super slow motion shot without a high speed camera in this beginner tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro.

How to create fake super slow motion in adobe premiere pro

It’s actually not that hard to create slow motion in Premiere Pro when you don’t have a high speed camera. All you need is a camera and Adobe Premiere Pro.

First things first, shoot your shot. I recommend shooting a higher shutter speed since that’s the only way we can create the same image from a high speed camera. If you can shoot a higher frame rate, do this as well.

Dog in slow motion

Once you’ve got your shot, drop it in Premiere Pro. Right click on the fx button in the upper left corner of your clip, then select time remapping, speed. Now you can make a speed ramp in your video. What we’re going to do is use the pen tool to create keyframes on your clip. The part between the keyframes can be dragged down to your desired speed. The lowest you can go is 1% which might not look good but we’ll fix that. It’s probably super choppy and that’s normal. You want to show frames that don’t exist. And luckily there is a way to bypass that.

Right click on your clip and select time interpolation and then select optical flow. Premiere will now do it’s best to create frames and pixels between those frames. It depends on your shot and movement of course on how this will look. So if it does not look great, try and reshoot your try with a bit of a different movement. And that’s all there is to creating fake super slow motion in Premiere Pro.

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