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The Last Of Us | Recreating Title Intro (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Moving Veins in Adobe Premiere Pro

Recreating The Last Of Us title animation can be done in a lot of ways. But have you ever thought of using Premiere Pro to recreate this animation? I thought it would be quite fun but also challenging.

First, try to find a picture of some veins. We’re going to use that to create the veiny background. To make it look like it’s moving, create a mask and animate it so it becomes bigger.

Expanding Veins Premiere Pro.
Expanding Veins Premiere Pro.

title animation in Premiere pro

To create the last of us title animation in Premiere Pro, you can use some stock footage of an ink splash. Because that footage is black and white, you can use the ink splashes to reveal the letters of the title animation.

All you need is the track matte key effect for that. Throw the track matte key effect on the text layer and set the matte to the track where the ink splashes are located. Set the composite to Matte alpha and make sure to check reverse.

For a more detailed and in depth version of this tutorial, check the video above!

The Last Of Us Title Animation.
The Last Of Us Title Animation.


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