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Create an UPSIDE DOWN Parallax World (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials, Video Effects

Music Video Effects, Parallax, stray kids

Learn how to create an upside down parallax world in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial video. Inspired by the music video ‘Maniac’ from Stray Kids.

Parallax World in Adobe Premiere Pro

The idea of creating a parallax world in Adobe Premiere Pro is not new. Creators have been doing it for a while and it has actually been a trend some years ago.

But recently we’ve seen this effect coming back in the new music video ‘Maniac’ from the Stray Kids. This K-Pop band shows the parallax effect in an interesting way. Between the two worlds you can see cars floating as well as a blue energy cloud.

Stra Kids Maniac Parallax World
The Parallax world as seen in ‘Maniac’ from the Stray Kids

Music Video Effects

In music videos, effects can be as crazy as you want. That makes such projects always so creative. In the past we’ve covered many more effects that you can create inside Adobe Premiere Pro which work great for music videos.

I believe music videos are a great way for artists to express their songs visually. The abstract or underlaying story of the lyrics can be shown in surrealistic visuals.

Since VFX became more and more accessible, we see amazing effects in almost every music video that comes out.

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