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How to Create a Dynamic YouTube Intro (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Graphics Animations, Video Effects

motion graphics, VFX, Youtube, youtube intro

Learn how to create a dynamic YouTube Intro in this beginner tutorial in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Create a dynamic youtube intro in premiere pro

I see a lot of creators on YouTube who don’t have an intro for their videos. Or some that just download or buy templates for their intro. But why not just make one yourself in Adobe Premiere Pro?

It’s actually super easy to make one. And you can even choose to create an advanced or super simplistic intro. But why would you want to make your own intro?


It’s very recognizable when you have a custom intro for your videos. It’s a way to tell your audience what and who they’re watching. People get hyped when they see or hear that intro and you’ll immediately draw their attention.


Branding is part of your recognition of course. It’s a way to style your brand, which is in this case your YouTube Channel. It’s a way of creating a certain theme of fonts, colors and assets so that everything you make is connected in a way. And that can all start with your intro of course.

Motion Graphics with Glitch Effect

How to make that youtube intro?

There are thousands of ways to make an intro. You can use video footage, you can use motion graphics, you can use just a photo. It all depends on what you want to achieve as a result. What I did for this tutorial was a combination of video footage, effects and motion graphics. This created a very dynamic result that is very recognizable.

Learn more vFX and motion graphics

If you want to get more advanced at VFX, motion graphics, compositing and much more of those special effects. Then I highly recommend learning Adobe After Effects, it’s much better to use for those purposes than Adobe Premiere Pro. We have a complete beginner course on Skillshare where you can learn all the basic of After Effects and it’s free for the first two weeks.

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