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This website has almost 35.000 unique visitors per month. We offer several ways to advertise on this site and reach that highly targeted audience.

Ad blocks

We offer two types of ads. One in the global pages and one in the sidebar (when available). A maximum of 3 ads per page is allowed. All ads are made up in two versions: a desktop and a mobile version. In between, the ads resize automatically as we set the width to 100% and height to auto.


We write a detailed article about your service or products in the form of a review or a tutorial. As the advertiser you have a big influence on the content but we shall always give our honest opinions. In most cases a written article goes together with a sponsored Youtube episode. The article may contain a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 3000 words. Since we have push notifications enabled, all articles are send to those subscribers.


With a growing list of more than 500 new double-opt in subscribers per month we manage to get open rates easily beyond 30%. On a weekly basis we send out newsletters about our weekly Youtube episodes in the form of an article. We offer two services to make use of our email subscribers.

Email Ads

On the bottom of our weekly newsletters we provide 2 options to advertise. One of which is one long banner and the other one are two blocks.
We do not offer this option in one mailing, but as a campaign with a minimum span of 1 month or 4 mailings. This is important for the consistency of the mailing and the results of the advertising.

List Rental

If you like to reach our email subscribers with a custom message, you can rent the list. You can design an email or provide us the information and we shall format it the way you like. Once everything is setup, the mailing goes out through our system. List rentals are limited to 1 per month.


The foundation of our success can be found on Youtube. With almost 10.000 new subscribers and 450.000 viewers every month we strive for quality content and engagement. We offer multiple options to advertise in our 2 weekly episodes or globally on our channel.

Sponsored Video

We dedicate an entire video to your product or service. As quality content is very important to us, we limit this to only reviews or tutorials. Together we first make a scenario. Next we go in production and finally we publish the video. In every step the advertiser is involved. We only continue upon approval between each step. Additional services like closed captions (subtitles) may be requested. We limited sponsored videos to maximum 10 minutes in duration.

Mid Rolls

We publish between 1 and 2 videos per week, providing tips and tricks to the viewer. In the middle of each video we make place for an ad break of maximum 20 seconds. Mid roll ads are part of a campaign, the minimum threshold is 1 month or 4 videos.

Card Ads

Youtube has the ability to show pop-ups in the upper right corner at any given time. We’ve set a default card at 30 seconds of every video on our channel. With over 15.000 viewers on a daily base, we can bulk change these cards to display your advertisement. The advertisement will link to a dedicated page on our website, which has on his turn outbound links to your website. (Youtube guidelines do not accept direct outbound links)


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