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3 Easy k-Pop Music Video Effects

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After Effects Tutorials

after effects tutorial, kpop, Music Video Effects

Learn how to create popular K-Pop Music Video Effects from Taemin, Aespe and SuperM in this Adobe After Effects tutorial video.

why do we like k-pop Music videos?

I don’t think this is something new to you guys but we do love K-pop Music Videos! The production level is always extremely high which results in stunning sets, amazing visual effects and super dynamic camera movements. So this is exactly the reason why we did a Copycat dedicated to not one but three effects!

3D avatar from Aespa

One of the effects that we did was the glitch transition from the music video Next Level by Aespa. Here you can see the artists glitch between them selves and a 3D cartoon version of themselves.

3D Avatar aespa
Glitch Transition from Next Level by Aespa

There are multiple ways to create these avatars but I want to show you guys an extremely easy and fast way to do this. Because let’s be honest, why spent hours of modeling if you can do the same with a few clicks!

character creator 3
Interface of Character Creator 3

The first thing you’ll need is Character Creator 3. This is a software that as the name says, creates 3D characters for Animation, Games, AR and VR. And this is already enough to get your wanted result but you’ll need to spend some time to create that typical cartoonish look. BUT I know one more shortcut to create these with only a few sliders. This shortcut is actually a pack you can download called 3D Toon Figures. Which already has these cartoon looking presets which you can use.

3D Toon Figures pack
Examples of the Toon Figures Pack


Big thanks to Storyblocks for their support. If you ever need stock footage for your video head over to them! Next to the 4K stock clips, they also have After Effects templates, Premiere Pro presets, overlay effects and so much more. Download unlimited video assets for a single price per year.

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