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3 Mindblowing Effects with the New Insta360 X3 (under 5 Minutes)

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After Effects Tutorials, Camera Tutorials

360 cameras, Adobe After Effects, After Effects, insta360

5 Day Deal Give Away Contest

Learn how to create 3 simple but amazing visual effects in Adobe After Effects using the new 360 camera from Insta360, the X3.

insta360 did it again!

Today Insta360 released their brand new action cam, the Insta360 X3. The successor of the Insta360 ONE X2. They upgraded the outside with a bigger screen and made sure the inside wasn’t left out. One thing you’ll notice quickly is the quality improvement because of their new 1/2” sensor.

These innovations open up a whole new world for content creators and challenges us to be creative.

Creative filmmaking

Having affordable 360 cameras on the market for mass consumers is great. It allows everybody to play around with them and look for new and creative ways to use them. We all inspire each other and build new ideas from the old on of others. For example, we found this video on the insta360 instagram by

Creative way of using a 360 camera being creative with the Insta360

After seeing this it inspired us to come up with a transition where you would switch from location while you yourself are sitting still. A fun way to switch it up if you ask me!

Creative Insta360 transition
Creative transition to swap locations

Insta360 X3

So that brings us back to the Insta360 X3.  For a very affordable price, you can start shooting 360 video from your pocket. Being so compact and giving you all of its post-production features on your phone, it’s pretty awesome! For cinematographer/3D artists It’s a handy tool so definitely check it out!

5 Day Deal Give Away Contest

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