Learn how to recreate the engery laser blasts from the Star Wars film ‘The Mandalorian’ in this Adobe After Effects tutorial video.

Guys, next week The Mandalorian is coming out. A series I’ve been waiting for for quite a while. Of course you all know I’m a super big Star Wars fan. So you can already guess how hyped I was when the news from the Mandalorian came out. A series about a bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe? Please take everything I have to make it true. And boy they did! With only seeing the trailer, I can already say that this series is going to be epic and will join my list of favorite series. But okay, I think I geeked enough about how good it’s going to be. The most important thing now, is that we are going to recreate a cool effect from the series.

And like you can see in the title of this week’s Copy Cat Friday, we are recreating the laser Blaster of the Mandalorian. Of course the light sabers are the most iconic part of Star Wars, but the laser blasters are second best. Now don’t get wrong, I’m talking about effects, because nothing can be more iconic then all the super popular characters everybody loves. However sadly we can’t recreate Yoda or Chewbacca, so we have to settle with shooting some lasers out of our blasters. Which is of course also super cool to do.

Laser Blaster Effect from the Mandalorian

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