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Endless Door Transition from Jus ‘FOCUS ON ME’ (After Effects)

How to recreate the endless door transition effect from the music video ‘FOCUS ON ME’ by Kpop group Jus2. An Adobe After Effects Tutorial video.

Now that we finished the Iceland project and everything that comes with it. It’s time to start with the next big project and oooh boy it’s going to be big. Of course I’m talking about our short movie. We recently finished the script and are now doing the planning. This means searching locations, props and the actors. So it’s a very exciting time here at the Cinecom studio, but we also know it’s going to be very stressful. It’s our first big movie project and we all want it to be perfect. Let’s hope everything will go fine and that the short film is the best one ever. I’m ready to win my Oscar.

But what about Copy Cat Friday? Well the show must go on. So don’t worry, we won’t forget you guys. And this week we have another awesome effect that we are recreating. As you know, we are fans of K-pop. Maybe not so much for the music, but the music videos are always a lust for the eye. And this is the same with the new music video from Jus2, Focus on me. The video is packed with stunning cinematography and cool effects. But the one the sticks out the most is the “door transition”. You can see throughout the whole video that the scenes blend in perfectly with each other, going from one room to the other. They use a backwards camera movement going through doors and windows. Combine this with motion control, some clever Green screens and masking and you’ll get an awesome transition effect.

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